3T 24-Hour Observation Unit, Detroit Medical Center (DMC)

Date: November, 2011
Filed Under: Hospital, Project, United States of America

Location: Detroit, Michigan, USA

This project involved the construction of a 29 bed unit for patients who do not require immediate care, but do require overnight observation. The size of the project was 5800 square feet and had an extremely tight timeline of only 5 months for completion.

The space involved was previously a storage room, located next to a Critical Care space that could not be closed during construction. Because of this, the construction team used a modular, pre-fabricated interior solution with pre-installed med-glasses. This both sped up the construction time and reduced the amount of noise and dust involved with the renovation. The design is an excellent example of how innovative solutions can be used in healthcare environments to reduce the associated health risks, inhibiting operations or contributing to unnecessary waste.

A primary challenge of this project was to re-task the ancillary space for a Critical Care role and to undertake the project in an unobtrusive, fast, and cost-effective manner. The team used a unique headwall design that resolved a curtain wall situation where a horizontal headwall would not have worked. This design accommodated all of the required services in 2 or 4 foot wide panels that could be deployed anywhere in the space. The final design was less expensive than conventional construction and met the aesthetic goals of the project. According to the company “the modular and flexible solution can be easily adapted in the future, protecting the client’s investment in the long term.”

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