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Canadian firms can access information about what their peers are working on internationally. International visitors can find out what Canadian firms are doing in their markets, from innovations in water, transportation, and energy, to community planning and consultation across many sectors.

Bombardier Receives $158 million Order from Israel Railways

Date: November, 2012
Bombardier has won a new $158-million contract from Israel Railways for 72 doubled-decked passenger cars. This follows a previous contract the company had received to provide 150 rail cars to Israel. The new cars, which will be partially assembled in Israel, should begin shipping in 2014. Israel Railways...

Clean Technology

Date: November, 2012
A burgeoning industry The Canadian clean technology industry is broad and diverse, featuring leading-edge technology and a group of dauntless entrepreneurs eager to bring their exciting innovations to the world stage. It’s a young industry dominated by many small firms, but don’t underestimate...

Metro Basin Blues

Date: October, 2012
Water pollution poses a real threat to China’s northern, urban population. Could constructed wetlands help? By Annie Chouinard Around the globe, there is concern about the effects of China’s rapid economic development on the air, land, water, and energy resources, as well as the ways that...

Europe’s Challenge, Canada’s Opportunity

Date: July, 2012
Canada’s P3 experience can be shaped to help economies in need of new procurement models. The current economic turmoil in Europe has shed a light on those countries with institutions and processes that need restructuring. Alternatively, that same light has shown which countries have navigated the...

Innovation in Healthcare: Technology, Infrastructure, and Financing

Date: April, 2012
Construction of one of the greenest and most technologically advanced health care buildings in North America was announced this past February in Stouffville, Ontario. Canadian developer DCL Equity Partners is looking at incorporating geothermal and solar energy, rainwater harvesting, and LED lighting...

Celebrating Canadian Water Excellence

Date: January, 2012
Water Canada magazine is pleased to launch its second annual publication dedicated to recognizing Canadian leadership in water. In this year’s edition of Water’s Next, you’ll read about the people, expertise, and ideas that are making a difference in Canada’s waterscape and beyond—from Josephine...

The Top 100 Canadian Infrastructure Projects of 2012

Date: January, 2012
This year’s Top 100 list has the biggest-ever total: $114.2 billion in infrastructure projects. This isn’t all new investment—it includes 71 projects that were on last year’s Top 100. A project remains on this list until it is completed, which means some will continue to rank for a few years...

Canada Shows Leadership in Public-Private Partnerships

Date: January, 2011
Over the last budget period, Canadian governments were stimulated by federal funding—funding that relied on infrastructure action to inflate the economy. A lot time and effort went into getting “shovel ready” projects started, with less energy spent pursuing P3s as a project delivery model. Now...

Reduce, Reuse and Recycle

Date: November, 2010
Canadian companies play a world-level game when it comes to water and wastewater treatment. Nowhere have Canadian innovators made their mark more in recent years than in the area of water technology. Canada competes on innovation and niche technology that, in some cases, leads to lower cost solutions...

The Digital Age

Date: November, 2010
“We’re at the dawn of a new age of electrification,” says William Smith, VP of power generation at Siemens Canada. Canadian companies have always been at the frontier of new technologies—just think Blackberry. Now Canadian technology vendors are creating smarter, more efficient systems for urban...

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